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As many women (and more and more men) know, there are many causes that can lead to the end of ruined hair, that break up and in the worst of hypothetical tense fall without growing again. Discolouration treatments, excessive use of hair dryer and hotplate, but sometimes also stress make our hair look scruffy and we all know that the hair cared for is one of the things you first notice in a person.

Regardless of the causes and in order to be able to come up against this type of hair damage, a new product has come to the Italian market very little. His name is Bliss Hair.

In this article you'll find answers to questions such as: What is Bliss Hair? What ingredients does Bliss Hair contain? Does Bliss Hair work? How do you apply Bliss Hair? How to order Bliss Hair? Bliss Hair price?


According to the website of the official manufacturer of the product that distributes in Italy, the lotion Bliss Hair is an innovative product that takes care of the hair and scalp. Bliss Hair contains fundamental ingredients of natural origin that are able to fight against dandruff and prevent the reappearance of dandruff. Bliss Hair, thanks to its particular formulation, also performs an anti-allergic action and at the same time, always according to the manufacturer, helps to normalize the sebaceous activity of the scalp restoring its natural perspiration. The Bliss Hair lotion helps keep hair clean for longer and protects the scalp from dryness caused by frequent washing.

Bliss Hair promises to fulfill the desires of those who dream of beautiful, healthy, voluminous and flowing hair.

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At the basis of the Bliss Hair hair lotion formulation there is a combination of natural ingredients that contain a super nutritious complex for our scalp, namely the innovative HOTFLUX component, and plant extracts such as: avocado, multiflora phallus, ligustikuma Sichuan alfalfa herb and the Asian centella.

As can be read on the official product site, the efficacy of Bliss Hair would be due to its innovative formulation which contains essential oils, medicinal infusions, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, proteins and herbal extracts and in this case:

Therefore, the ingredients of Bliss Hair are natural and make it a product suitable for everyone, men and women, young and old.

According to the manufacturer, Bliss Hair works if applied correctly and following the instructions (we will discuss them later) and would be able to:

The product can be used both to stop hair loss and to prevent deterioration. In addition, Bliss Hair is able to minimize the negative impact of procedures such as dyeing, discolouration, stretching, extension application, etc.

For best results, Bliss Hair manufacturer will use the following procedure:

Ordering Bliss Hair is really simple and fast and involves the following procedure:

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As already mentioned earlier Bliss Hair has recently arrived in Italy and that is why for a short time and in exceptional circumstances, Italian customers can take advantage of a discount launch price of 50%.

Bliss Hair's normal list price is 98 Euro, but at the moment, and only for a certain number of items, Bliss Hair can be purchased at only 49 Euro.

The price of Bliss Hair is kept low because it is not possible to find Bliss Hair in pharmacies or cosmetics shops, thus avoiding the inevitable recharges due to intermediaries.

The price of Bliss Hair is particularly attractive when compared to similar products already on the cosmetics market or those that were born to ride the wave of success that Bliss Hair has had all over the world. We repeat, to be sure to buy the original product at the best price you need to buy Bliss Hair on the manufacturer's official website.

Bliss Hair

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